Breakups are never easy, and after a breakup you might feel like you will never find happiness again. Worry not, your feelings are legit and completely normal, but they are simply not true.

You will feel better with time. But how about speeding the process up a little? There are several things you can do to work through this and get some fun of your own, too!

Invest in a big box of chocolates.’s true. Chocolates can cure a broken heart. Invest in some of your favorites and don’t spare a dime. You might become a life walking cliche but believe us, it’s tried and true.

Say “Yes” to everything you’ve always wanted to try. This will work exceptionally well if you’ve been in a long term relationship where you had to compromise a lot about where to eat, travel or party. Who are you and what makes you happy? Now it’s your chance to discover.

Rebound with someone you always found hot. Don’t believe whoever says that having a rebound is a bad idea. Try and judge for yourself. You probably won’t find true love with your rebound, but it will definitely speed up your recovery and to be honest, it’s sheer fun!

Get rid of all the relationship’s junk. Throw all the useless reminders out. Yes, even that one cinema ticket you kept from your first date.

Go away and have a summer fling. Even though you have to do this by yourself, go for it. Do you imagine being on the beach soaking in the sun and sipping on a cold beverage with a good-looking fella next to you?

Take some time to grieve, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Finally, don’t listen to the quotes all over the internet that tell you to stop overthinking and stop being sad. This is all just “toxic positivity”; you need to take your time and process whatever feelings you have.

Why should the boys have all the fun? Make the best of it ladies, you never know where you might end up!