Most important week for quarantine

As you read this, chances are you’re doing that from the comfort of your own home as you self-quarantine the crisis away. As you practice self-quarantining, you might be bored out of your mind, questioning just why is quarantining this important? Would going out for just a little bit even do anything?

Well, the answer is predictably yes to both questions. Not only is quarantining important during this Coronavirus pandemic; this week is actually the most important week to quarantine.

See, though a lot of people, mostly students and people with perpetual conditions, started isolating themselves a week ago, this is the first week wherein the approximate majority of the country will start full-quarantine.

This proves to be extremely crucial because it means that now we’ll be, more or less, able to reign in the number of the unaware infected and the people they’ll eventually infect by limiting public interactions.

But even if you can’t practice full-quarantine because of crucial errands or jobs that can’t be worked from home, you can still work to keep the damage to a minimum by social distancing.

Sure, self-quarantining is the best viable option but social distancing can still help too. If you must go out, make sure that you keep a distance of six feet between you and anyone who’s not an immediate family member.

as a nation, we’re currently at the green point in the diagram

This is no laughing matter, either, so we can’t pretend that we didn’t notice how closely we passed by strangers at the supermarket. The virus certainly won’t be doing that and neither should you.

Social distancing, self-quarantining, and the like matter here. And if you need a reminder, you can simply remember that in Egypt, we only have a limited number of special care units and beds, which will not help us if the number of infected increase. This isn’t just “an Egypt thing”; all countries have ICU capacities, so we’ll all need to be careful.

Practice self-quarantining and social distancing to the best of your ability this week. Hopefully, the end result will be in our favor if we do so.