kiss her goodbye

Since all girls now know when to kiss him goodbye, we thought that it would be necessary for guys to know when to kiss her goodbye as well.

So my dear, if she does any of the following, then leaving her is what she deserves.

#1: If She Gets Over Jealous

Jealousy is cute and all, I do admit that it is a sign of love and care. But too much jealousy is just suffocating. If she is one of those freaks who get jealous just because you waved to your sister’s friend, then take care bro because you got a crazy person in the house! RUN!!!

#2: If She is Super Materialistic

If she is more in love with your credit card than with your newly trimmed beard, then I think we have a problem with this one. Unless you want to be referred to as her ‘thary 3arabi‘, I think it is time for her to walk out of that door.

#3: If She is a ‘3abla Kamel’

Okay, let’s be realistic. Many guys do claim that their girls are ‘nekadeyen‘ but they actually aren’t. Be true to yourself and make an unbiased judgement. Do you make her life a living hell, is that why she is acting that way? Or are you really Prince Charming and she is just super ‘nekadeya‘?

#4: If She is ‘Khalty El Latata’

Girls with big mouths never really change, so don’t count on that. If she is a ‘khalty el latata‘ then I guess all your fights, secrets and even your boxer’s colors are known to the world.

#5: If She is an Airhead

Believe me you don’t want to date an airhead even if she is the sexiest person you know. Once you get used to her looks, you will feel like you are sitting with a silly 10 year old, who literally understands nothing about life.

#6:ย If She is Super Cheesy

Cheesiness is cool; it is nice up till a certain point. If she is one of those girls who sends you ‘I love you’ texts every 5 seconds and keeps calling you weird names in front of your friends, then I think you have a real problem. She won’t stop, not after one year and not after 10. So you better start making amends NOW!

#7: If She is Irresponsible

Imagine getting married to this girl and then one day you come back from work and find the front door wide open, or even better, imagine that you get back home and find all the money that you have been saving was spent on makeup, amazing right?

#8: If She Cares about Nothing But Shopping

Shopping is a huge part of every girl’s life, but if she goes shopping every couple of days with 93499848934 LE worth of receipts, then I think it is wise to leave her now. Or else, you will be in jail for the rest of your life.

#9: If She Has no Life

At first you will feel super blessed to be someone’s center of attention, but believe me you will want to kill yourself after a couple of weeks or even months. If she has no one but you, no friends or career, then dude you are screwed. Get ready to embrace crazy!

#10: If She Has Zero Passions

A person who is not passionate about anything in life will probably live this way allย their life. Imagine yourself living with someone who cares about nothing and feels attracted to nothing. I don’t think you want to be living with the dead!

#11:ย If She is Needy

Yes guys do like it when they feel needed. Butย  I am guessing that it is not to the extent of ‘hey, I broke my nail. I need you babe’. If she is super dependent on you that you feel suffocated, then you know what to do. Because believe me, it will only get worse.

Of course there could be other reasons why you should kiss her goodbye, but most importantly don’t ever accept less than what you deserve!