Most, if not all, parents will trust their children’s teachers all the way, and always believe they have their daughter or son’s best interest at heart. THIS IS EVERYTHING WRONG with the parent-teacher relationship in Egypt and this girl’s story is a case in point!

If you missed the story, here’s a quick recap…

So this girl Jomana Tamer posted a sarcastic post on her Facebook account and commented something along the lines that all of us had this one bullying teacher as kids but no one talks about it.

Little did she know, the post grabbed the attention of the teacher in question and she left some serious passive-aggressive and offensive comments referring to some private personal issues concerning Jomana (that she deleted later when attacked!).

Leading the girl to post a video elaborating in details on the whole abusive relationship she had with her teacher for years.

Honestly guys, upon reading about the whole thing, we got instantly triggered. Don’t we all have some buried deep bad memories or encounters with some of our teachers? That most of the time, we didn’t do anything about simply because we didn’t know we could?

We all had that one or two teachers that called us names, ridiculed us, or even in worst cases physically assaulted us. Unfortunately, we were raised to believe that it’s all perfectly normal, we didn’t (the majority anyway) even complain in most cases.

We’re glad Jomana’s story saw the light, even if by sheer coincidence. This topic, and especially in Egypt, is overdue and too normalized to the point that we don’t even talk about it. It’s sad.

It’s 2020 and parents are still under the impression that if the assault is not a physical one, it’s okay to ignore it. They often overlook the fact that people in power, like teachers, could easily exploit this power and use it as a tool to abuse the poor kids.

To all parents out there, don’t underestimate a teacher’s power in a classroom, and don’t hesitate to take immediate action if your kid was subjected to any kind of abuse. Even if it’s an emotional one. Trust us, it can be scarring and traumatizing for years.