Who doesn’t fantasize about living in the time of the Great Gatsby? We know we do. The 1920’s culture is seeing a revival, just as the other decades have in the past.

With classier music and swing, jazz, and blues music seeing a comeback. Luckily, it’s not just in the entertainment, but fashion too. Here are the roaring twenties trends that are now in vogue!

Flapper Dress (sequins, fringes)

Drop waist dresses from the twenties have returned to modern fashion in a marvelous way. For an edgy look, wear it in cotton blends decorated with bright, bold ethnic patterns and match with sandals for a laid back look.

For chic contrast, top it with a kimono or cardigan and add some bold bangles and ankle boots for a more modern Coachella boho babe vibe.

Faux Fur Coats

Fur Coats were a must-have accessory in the 1920s. Lucky for us, fur has been making a comeback for the past few years and it’s no longer limited to eveningwear.

Invest in a fur coat (faux, obviously we don’t want any animal harm) with colors like baby blue and pink to be chic and in style.

Oxford Shoes

The classic Mary Jane shoes are returning but under the name Oxford shoes and with a modern twist. They now come without heels and with more colors and styles.

Oxfords are mainly worn casually, but now more interest is growing into wearing Oxfords with cocktail dresses and suits as an alternative to heels!

Bob Haircuts

Bobbed hair has come to stay forever and ever. Any and every attempt to stop the 1920’s short bob haircut by women has failed completely.

Hollywood stars now and then seem to agree that this haircut is just timeless. Don’t worry about rocking it; it almost suits every face type!

Extravagant Headpieces

With shorter hair being the biggest hair trend of the twenties, every woman saw all the more reason to show off her trendy hairstyle by wearing hairpieces for dancing the Charleston and wooing her lover with some shimmer.

To wear a headpiece by day, opt for a simple silky chemise or top and jeans. To wear by night for a formal event or somewhere you want to be “noticed”, the brighter the better.

Wear a decorative, complementary colored dress with your hairpiece so that you’ve established an overall 20s inspired look.

Who knew the 20s were such an inspiration for our nowadays fashion?