Is there anything we can’t do online anymore? That was rhetorical, of course! The internet basically provides instant access to, well, everything. Shopping has, thus, as an experience, definitely been altered by the online world with many shops choosing to launch websites for online purchases, as well as brands solely operating online. If you’ve ever shopped online, you’ve probably had some of those ridiculous thoughts:

“SO MANY CHOICESSSS, let’s get down to business!”


So many websites and stores to scroll through with pages and pages filled with numerous cuts, colours and fabrics- I’m just as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve!

“Ain’t nothing like shopping in your PJs- this is the good life!”


Yeah, we all do it. We all shop online while lounging on our couches in our pj shorts and over-sized t-shirts- it’s like the official uniform for online shopping!

“This looks great on the model who’s like a foot taller than I am and a few pounds lighter than I ever will be. Better not! Moving on…”


Sure that skin tight dress makes the 6 foot tall model look hot, but how will it translate on to your own very different physique? This is so confusing!

“Should I go for a Small? No, let’s stick to a Medium- better safe than sorry! But, what if it ends up being baggy? Maybe, I can go for a Large and pull off that hipster-baggy look?”


One of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make while shopping online is picking the darned size of whatever item you like. Sure, it’s not rocket science, but it’s still freaking complicated as hell!

“What? It’s already 12 a.m.? I’ve been shopping for 4 hours straight? What is this madness?”


Well, time flies when you’re having fun, right?

“So the total in my cart is $600, which issss… almost 5000 LE. Adios, whatever’s left of this month’s salary!”


But, like, those awesome shoes and jumpsuits were totally worth it, right? Maybe not *removes a bulk of clothes from the virtual cart*.

To wrap up, online shopping’s definitely one thing that’s made us become more highly addicted shopaholics. With just a click, you can basically purchase whatever you’re looking for without having to squeeze into your skinny jeans and leave the comfort of your home. Now, we’re not just shopaholics- we’re both couch potatoes and shopaholics! Much thanks, technology.