Cambridge International Examinations is delighted to announce the winners of the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards in Egypt. The awards celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of secondary school learners in Egypt in the June 2016 Cambridge examination series.

Two ceremonies will be held in collaboration with the British Council in Cairo and Alexandria. Many schools will also be hosting individual awards ceremonies to celebrate their learners’ achievements.


99 learners will receive awards for exceptional performance in Cambridge examinations, including 3 learners who achieved the highest marks in the world and over 36 learners who attained the highest marks in Egypt in a single subject.


The awards also celebrate the achievements of those learners  who have been recognised for ‘High Achievement’ based on outstanding performance in subjects which are not yet so widely taken in Egypt, and learners who have achieved the total highest cumulative marks across a number of subjects.


These outstanding results will be recognised by employers and universities around the world as proof of academic excellence.


Waseem Al Hanbali, Regional Director, Middle East and North Africa, says: “I am very proud of our learners in Egypt and their outstanding results. The high standards of education offered by schools across the country is reflected through these exceptional results. These achievements reinforce the partnerships between Cambridge and the schools. The outstanding awards demonstrate the school dedication, teachers’ commitment, families support, and above all learners’ determination and passion to succeed. This success defines them not just as learners, but as Cambridge learners. I wish them every success in their future.”

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