Ramadan Ads

If you claimed you don’t eagerly wait for the new Ramadan ads to start bombarding our TV screens every year, you would be lying!

We all basically sit on the first day waiting for the new catchy lines we’re going to live with and sing to their lyrics with our friends for the rest of the season.

So, we thought before the 2019 ones come fast at us; why not throw it back to the best ads from the previous years?

1- Alo Magnoun (2010)

2- Donia Samir Ghanem/Pepsi (2011)

3- 3alashan Lazem Nekoun Ma3 Ba3d (2012)

4- W Ba7taglak (2013)

5- Tekmal Lametna (2014)

6- Zaman El Sha2awa (2015)

7- El 3ela El Kebira (2016)

8- Marina (2016)

9- Ersem Alb (2016)

10- Awel Mara (2017)

11- Gary ya Gary (2018)

12- Eli Gaye Aqwa (2018)

13- Mesh Benhazar (2018)

14- Ahmed Zaki 500500 (2018)

And there you have it! Such a blast from the past; right? Tell us in the comments about your favorite ones and others that we may have missed!