Social media and the platforms on the internet are dominating our reality now enabling everyone to have the space to express themselves. On the other hand, magazine covers have been around for quite some time and so are their glamor, which has not faded the least. We all dreamt about posing on these covers like the stars and models who made iconic appearances on them and with the existence of interactive social media platforms like TikTok, this dream has become a reality. 

TikTok has partnered with Identity magazine through an interesting challenge that combines glamour and creativity. The challenge garnered more than 33 million participants and viewers from the TikTok community who were excited to explore “What would they look like on the cover of Identity magazine?” as the #identitychallenge suggests in the description. 

The challenge was well received by the TikTok community including the famous makeup artist @nancyzidan that has risen to fame from her posts on TikTok to be followed by more than 1 million followers now. Additionally, @ yakoutaaaaa filmed his video using of “Akado Min ” song which has become so popular and trendy on social media. Known for her sense of fashion and style, @ ingyelengbawy did not miss the chance of making an appearance on the cover as well along with famous stylist and fashion blogger @ yasminyousri_. The challenge also managed to intrigue male stylists [email protected] amahmoud2814 participated in the challenge. 

TikTok aims to inspire creativity and bring joy and this was clearly reflected in this challenge. Moreover, the platform has always been connected and up to date with the fashion world as it launched a number of challenges that helped promote and highlight fashion enthusiasts in Egypt and the Middle East. It’s most recent #fashiontok challenge managed to bring in more than 220 million contributors and viewers who are passionate about fashion. Moreover, it has constantly rolled out challenges for styling which has brought many fashion bloggers and content creators to the front, offering them a space for expression and exposure.

We definitely loved this challenge which enabled users to add a touch of creativity and glamour to their content. We also look forward to similar partnerships like this one with more original challenges that allow more freedom of expression and creativity.