Sham El-Nessim is almost here, in other words; one of Egypt’s most festive seasons of the year is here! Granted this holiday is “supposedly” about welcoming spring and all that.

But let’s be real for a second and talk about what this holiday is really about; FOOD! Specifically, Feseekh and Ringa, in other words, Egypt’s crown of salted treats.

Yes, I called Feseekh and Ringa treats, sue me! 

Although Feseekh and Ringa are Egyptian Sham El-Nessim classics, over the years the Feseekh-hating cult has begun to rise and gradually take over the Egyptian food scene!

So now Feseekh has gone from the beloved delicious meal that it is to some kind of an abomination exposing its dedicated lovers to crucial judgment from society! And we are here to put an end to that!

Yes, I am aware of the melodramatic tone, I take Feseekh very, VERY SERIOUSLY! 

Why is Feseekh a true Egyptian Legacy?

For those who don’t know; Feseekh was one of the traditional foods back in Ancient Egypt, specifically during the 5th dynasty. The pharaohs used to celebrate the beginning of spring by eating salted fish (Feseekh) as a symbol of their appreciation of the Nile as the source of life.

So this food you call “gross” is actually the food of the kings.

Its Health Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, Feseekh doesn’t kill you!

It actually has numerous health benefits. Such as treating constipation and indigestion, treating cold and flu symptoms, containing highly important antioxidants that strengthen the immunity system, as well as providing the body with a huge amount of protein.

This and so many more benefits prove that all of the judgmental health-fanatics who look down on Feseekh have no idea what they’re talking about.

The Fact that it’s… I don’t know, DELICIOUS!

Yes, maybe Feseekh isn’t for everyone, but neither is Sushi! And like any other food, if cooked wrong, the results will be repulsive, but if cooked right, you are in for the treat of a lifetime!

And it is not just ridiculously delicious, it also comes in limitless varieties! You may eat it whole, you can make a Feseekh salad with some mild dressing, or you can have Feseekh sandwiches garnished with your choice of vegetables!

So it is a well rounded food that can suit any taste and any preference!

The Other Side

Now that we have showcased all the benefits and aspects that make Feseekh the truly authentic and forever standing Egyptian treat that it is, we must be fair and address the other side; the aftermath.


We are aware of the consequences faced after inhaling a good Feseekh meal; like the mild bloating, the stinking breath, the foul hand smell, in addition to the immediate IQ decline.

No one is denying any of that, don’t you think we, Feseekh lovers, know this better than anyone else?! But even though we are aware of all the consequences, we still eat it anyway!

So it is a personal choice made after considering all options, so DON’T JUDGE US for it!

The purpose of this article is not to encourage people to eat Feseekh or like it against their will. It is also not for Feseekh haters; it is a tribute to those underdogs who love it but hide it because they are afraid of being shunned or judged by society for their exotic food taste.

This is to preset hard facts and proofs that there is nothing wrong with Feseekh or liking it. So don’t give in to the peer pressure from those around you, and EAT IT PROUDLY!