The past couple of weeks have been bringing positive vibes throughout EGYPT. We’ve literally never seen Egyptians so happy and united for a cause since what feels like forever! And It’s all because of our national football team! Which is why we thought it would only be appropriate to acknowledge Lipton’s role in the whole Egyptian National Team celebrations fiesta!

1. It was #El7ad_El_Awlani to support our national team!

I mean, seriously, they were supporting our team from day one. Using #El7ad_elawalni’s hash tag, Lipton was successful at being the first to urge Egyptians to support their team!

2. They were our eyes and ears inside El-Gaboun

Lipton was there with our favorite players from day one, giving us a first peek at all that’s been happening in Gabon on a daily basis. I mean what’s better than a live coverage of our favorite national team? It was because of Lipton that we got full insight of what’s going on with our players, and for that we will always be grateful.

3. They were literally the mouth that voiced our messages to the team!

Lipton were the only ones to give us a chance to connect with our team on a personal level when they encouraged us to post what we want to say to our favorite team players with the hash tag #Lipton_Fil_Gaboun. All we had to do was write what we wanted to say, post it and use the hashtag and just like that, we were all able to communicate with our team for the first time ever!

4. They helped us understand what our favorite team players are actually like!

Did I mention that they recorded them replying to their fans’ posts? It was seriously the coolest thing ever! Not only did we get the chance to tell them what we want to say, but we also got a reply. We can all now go to bed happy knowing that we had a real conversation with the players we love!

5. They were one of the reasons behind Egyptians’ great enthusiasm during the matches!

Once Egyptians learned that their tweets and posts were going to be sent to their favorite team players, the internet broke! We could really see how Egyptians love their country and are passionate about supporting their national team, and uniting against all odds!

Long live our National Egyptian Team, and thank you Lipton!