Here’s an internet fact that must very first be made clear: Egyptian memes are everything. Seriously, the amount of awesomeness that lays concentrated in most memes we, as a population, create is insurmountable. That’s probably thanks to the fact that the one thing we’re pretty much unbeatable at is our never-ending sense of humour. One of our absolute favourite memes has to be Kermit the Frog and here are the times he gave us true life wisdom:


Would you believe kids these days? Our generation got their Nokia phones when we were like what? 12? And we knocked ourselves out playing Snake for hours on end!


Love is an open fridge door. 


WHO DOESN’T HATE THAT FEELING? It’s like all of your dignity got immediately sucked out of you thanks to your meddling tongue. Go home, tongue, you’re drunk!


True fact: time flies when you’re not basically starving. 



Yeah, yeah, money can’t buy happiness, but I’d rather be miserable with my bum seated on an airplane as I prepare to tour the world, thanks!



Please start considering me a useless human being the moment you see me texting because I will not respond with any remotely coherent answers to your problems. 



Don’t we all? If we can land on the moon, can’t we just come up with a respectful way of telling people to mind their damn business? Especially the “mesh hanshoofek 3aroosa?” crowd. 


Every. Single. Semester. The never-ending struggle of being a college student. 



There ain’t anything better than treating your single self. 


Ignorance is bliss. Or as Able Fahita once put it: “mayestahlooshy.”