By:Amira ElSayed

We belong to a generation where you either influence others or be influenced, it all depends how strong you build your character. If you’re still discovering who you are and what you want in life, here are 8 tips on how to deal with society without being stepped all over.

1. Speak up

When you allow others to breach your boundaries, they automatically set their own and use you to their own advantage. you only become useful when they need something, other than that they wouldn’t recognize you a table away.

2. ‘Mogamla’

We all recognize the differences between being sarcastic and being nice and just plain mogamla. We all complain about it and yet no one changes their ways. Some of us just can’t go on living without being ‘fake nice’ towards others and smiling at those we despise just because we claim to not want drama, but the reality of it is some of us want to be accepted and liked even by those we don’t accept and like. It’s nearly impossible to do that so please just stop with the mogamla and be yourself.

3. Walk Away

Toxic people will still be toxic no matter how many chances you give them and how many times you go back to them. In fact they will start taking you for granted because they know that no matter how bad they screw up, you’ll always be there for the sake of ‘3eshra.’

4. Influencers

Unfortunately not everyone is a good influence upon you, and those who don’t know you will automatically assume you are exactly like the people you hang out with because why else would you all be ‘a squad’. So be careful who you surround yourself with.

5. Mama Is Always Right

When your friends come over and you introduce them to your mother and she tells you ‘ana alby mish mestaray7 le el bent/walad’, please don’t be stubborn and think she’s just being mean. Trust me, no one will ever love and care about you as much as her. She has more experience and has seen people like your friends before, and she’s just trying to prevent you from getting hurt. 

6. Education or Passion?

On the contrary, you don’t have to follow Egyptian parental guidance when it comes to education. Studying “teb or handasa” just to please your parents won’t get you anywhere in life. Follow your passion and dreams; your parents won’t be around forever to tell you what to do.

7. Gender Roles

You don’t have to comply to our traditional passed down cultural gender roles. Women do not become perfect housewives when they finally learn how to make the perfect ‘molokheya’, and men do not have to take care of all the house bills. Women are allowed to work and be more empowered, and men are allowed to follow their passion rather than just pursue money.

8. Different

One of the most frequent statements we hear nowadays is ‘ana zehet awi men routine hayati’. Why you ask? Because most of us have become accustomed to a certain lifestyle that is accepted by a majority. But what’s wrong with being different and weird and maybe sometimes awkward? What if you unleash your inner child every now and then and do whatever you want without contemplating what others might think? Oh, how much happier and more free we would all be!

9. Learn to Say ‘No’

Self love comes first. No matter how important the person in front of you is, learn how to say no when you’re not up for the task. Don’t destroy yourself for someone else, because at the end of the day you’re all you’ve got. No one will be there to pick you up.

If you follow these 9 tips, I promise you life in Egypt will become so much easier, not only for you but for everyone surrounding you.