There are tons of pieces of good advice out there when it comes to your love life. But let’s state the following LOUD and CLEAR, this article is not about you, girls. Not mainly anyway.

We have all been through this situation or at least know someone close who has. You’re all in love with your boyfriend and finally life is good. But then…..BAAAM! His military duty calls.

Since girls tend to be overly-dramatic and totally clueless in such situations, we’ve decided to put together a list of the things you shouldn’t do.

Read carefully ladies, this one might save your love life!

#1 Keep the drama to a minimum

We can understand that geish is a total party popper. But this just doesn’t justify you being mad at the poor guy! Whenever you feel like you need to overreact over something, just resist this urge. Instead, try to express your need for attention in a healthier way.

#2 Skip the cliches

Stop telling him stuff like “I’ll always wait for you” or “htakol ezay fl geish.” In other words, stop acting like his mother. He’s a grown up who is perfectly capable of looking after himself. Be interested in the details of his day of course, but without being too clingy.

#3 Play it smart with gifts

While usually you would spare no expense to get him something fancy, now you’re just going to do the exact opposite. Seriously, what good is an overly priced perfume or the trendiest men’s watch if he can’t use them? Opt for a gift that will come in handy at geish. For example, an anti-bugs spray would make the perfect gift.

#4 Have mercy with finances

If you’re engaged to him and you’re used to saving up together, cut him some slack. Don’t ask for any money, basically, because he is not making any and he won’t be for a while!

#5 Stop being too clingy

As long as he’s in geish, try not to be completely self-centered and clingy. Be supportive and patient. Don’t ask for attention because you’re not going to get any. The whole experience is hectic as it is, you don’t want to be an extra load on his shoulders!

If you follow these 5 tips, we promise you a less painful geish experience for you and your partner.

Final note: If you feel stressed by the situation and it all just feels too much for you, don’t feel guilty. Understanding what your partner needs in a relationship is important, but self love always comes first.