By: Malak Naguib

For all of you brave exchange students and globetrotters, we feel you. Hang in there!

-Communicate: Good communication is key when it comes to long distance relationships. You have to make time for each other and try to the best of your ability to stay in contact with them. Make time to talk to them. Make them feel involved in your life. Good communication bridges the gap between your separate lives.

-Be understanding: That’s one of the most important things to keep in mind when your loved one lives far away. You have different schedules, live in different time zones and lead very different lives. You should respect that and give them enough space to live their life without making them feel guilty for not being available when you want them to be. Don’t get fussy when they have to hang up the phone or go to bed. Be understanding.

-Don’t let fights drag on for too long: This should apply to all relationships, but it’s especially important when you’re apart. You want to have as little fights as possible because it’s usually more painful when you’re away from each other. Be forgiving. Call them back after an argument and smooth things over.

-Don’t be distant; the little details matter: Tell them about the funny thing that happened the other day and the nice conversation you had with a stranger earlier.  Share your deepest thoughts. Involve them in the smallest details of your daily life. It’ll bring you closer and make you feel like you’re not that far away from each other, after all.

-Be sweet: Being apart from each other takes a toll on the relationship and usually causes some frustration for both parties. Being sweet and regularly letting them know you care about them can help ease the tension and keep things nice and pleasant. Leave sweet messages for them to wake up to. Send chocolate with a friend. Let them know you’re thinking of them despite the distance.

-Be positive and selfless: Encourage them to go out and try new things and discover new places. Ask about their new friends. Be supportive of their well-being and happiness, even if that means they’d have less time for you. You want to make sure their experience apart from you is as fruitful for them as it could possibly be.

-Avoid doing things that bother them:If you going to a certain place or hanging out with certain people makes them uncomfortable, either avoid doing it or talk it out with them beforehand to avoid upsetting them. You don’t want to make them feel even more powerless and/or worried by doing just the thing you know would bother them. Be considerate of their feelings.

-Skype is your all-time best friend: Cyber dates for the win! Have lunch together overSkype or a nice afternoon drink with some good conversation. Skype catch up sessions will almost, and I mean almost, make you feel like you’re actually in the same place together. That thing is a gift to all those brave enough to do long distance. Download it. Use it. Love it. Embrace it.

Long distance relationship