Relationships in Egypt
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Some things in life are expected. School is never easy, you’ll always miss sleep, and you can always count on your friends. Hang on. Where did they go? Did they couple up with someone and leave you behind? Again?

If this is a common occurrence that you’ve heard of or even experienced, you might be curious. Why do some friends blow us off when they meet someone new? We’ll tell you all about it.

The Type That Takes You For Granted

To understand why those friends blow us off, we’ll have to understand that people come in different types and sizes.

This one is among the least preferable because, well, they’ll take you for granted. The worst part is that they may not be doing it because they’re horrible people.

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“They think that they’re being good significant others like this,” Dina M. tell us. “Like, their friendships are stable, but this relationship isn’t so I’ll give it all my time.”

It’s true that friends should have your back no matter what, but if you let them marinate while you go on a six months hiatus, you’re not giving them their due. This is why they’ll all side-eye you when you come back to complain.

The Type That Lives In A 90’s Rom-Com

This type is honestly kind of cute. It might be 2019, but they’re in their Julia Roberts Rom-Com phase and they’re not leaving anytime soon.

This type is usually someone who’s new to relationships, so that explains a lot. They’re still learning balance, but they kind of screw up in the beginning, trying to juggle everything. They might even lose themselves in this relationship.


Mohamed O. agrees. “It’s a little endearing. They’re in their own private world, always googly-eyed when you see them. We understand but we want our friend back, you know.”

The other side of the coin here is the side that isn’t new to dating yet is overwhelmingly passionate. They want to try every single thing with the new person they’re seeing because it’s just that exciting. We mean it. Every single thing.

They’ll come back once the high is over, though.

The Type That Worries Over “Homewreckers”

This type needs a reality check, if we’re being honest. They don’t withdraw because of time issues or forgetfulness. No, they know fully well what they’re doing and they’re doing it for a reason.

They’re kind of worried that one of their friends can suddenly get it in their heads to steal their new budding romance. Yes, you read it right. That’s why they’re withdrawing.

“Once, this girl I knew even hid her relationship from us,” Shaden W. says. “Just because she was scared we’ll try to ruin it.”

Now, we’re not going to pretend that things like these don’t happen but, honestly, paranoia isn’t going to help you. If someone is planning on wrecking your romance, they really won’t wait around for you to come out to play.

The Type That Has No Faith In Friends

This type is usually stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Sometimes, their friends and new significant other are completely different to the point where they can’t hang out together. Here they have to make a choice and usually it’s in favor of the new romance rather than the friendships.

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Other times, their friends actively don’t like this new person for them. They keep judging and criticizing and wanting what’s best for their friend. Monsters, right? So, that friend might plan on cutting off all those “jealous” people.

The Type You Have A Lot of Rude Words For

This type is a little tricky because, well, we can’t really call them your friend. They were more likely playing the part of a friend and did a good job.

People like these usually value romantic relationships and nothing else. Friendships don’t really matter for them and we might never really know why. Don’t dwell on it.

Do you know someone that fits the profile?