Who are you behind closed doors?


Who are you when nobody’s looking?


Who are you when you’re lying in bed at night, thinking of everything you want to accomplish in life?


Now think again.


Who are you in front of everybody else?


Who are you when you’re surrounded by a sea of people, a crowd of -supposedly- familiar faces?


What masks do you wearย when you go out to the world?


Have you ever felt like you have to hide certain things about yourself in fear that people won’t accept you if they saw you for who you really are?


We sometimes pretend to like certain things, believe certain things and go to the extent of doing certain things just so we could feel accepted by those around us. We do things we would normally never do just so we could fit in.


It’s important to feel accepted, but it’s also important to be yourself.


What if you don’t speak the same way they do? What if you don’t think the same way they do? What if you don’t believe in the same things they do? You should embrace who you are. Embrace your weirdness. Embrace your uniqueness. Appreciate the fact that you’re not a clone in a society of conforming individuals. Say what you want to say. Think what you want to think. Believe what you want to believe. Like the things you want to like, even if others don’t.


I wish we would all focus less on fitting in and work harder at accepting ourselves and being confident about who we are.


So what if you’re different? What does it matter if you’re weird? I’m weird. I’m different. I like it. I like weird. I like out of the box. I like that I don’t conform to the thoughts and actions of those around me.


You were granted your own mind and your own heart so you would make your own decisions and have your own feelings, dreams and goals in life.


Don’t be afraid to be different, even if, at times, that means you’ll be rejected.


Don’t be afraid to stand out.


You weren’t created to be like everybody else. You are wonderfully made in your own unique way. Embrace it.