Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you still love them?

Have they cheated on their previous partners?

How was the relationship when they cheated? Why did they cheat?

Do they regret it?

Did they apologize and promise that it won’t happen again? Do you believe them?

These questions can really help you decide if the relationship is worth saving.

Forgiving your partner after knowing that they have been unfaithful is really hard. You are naturally sad, disappointed and very angry; your friends keep telling you that you did the right thing breaking up with them, that they don’t deserve you and that you will find someone better. Thing is, you don’t want someone better, you still want them, right? Well, the trust recovery and forgiveness process are extremely difficult but if you really want them back, you should do something about it rather than just being angry, giving them the silent treatment or screaming at them.

Assuming this is a one off incident, try putting yourself in their shoes. If you’ve been in the same situation and felt the way they did, what would you have done?

Guys cheat for sex; girls cheat for emotional connection (and sex too). How was the relationship when they cheated? The pressure of being in a long term relationship can be quite stressful and when the relationship is one trail of heated fights and arguments, some tend to seek a quick fix or an escape by cheating their way out to avoid confrontation.

One of the worst decisions is to try to get even with your partner by hurting them back the same way. You will only feel temporarily good before you start feeling disgusted and ashamed of yourself.

If you still want them, do something about it instead of victimizing yourself by staying hopelessly trapped in a state of grief, anger or depression claiming that “time will heal”. Simply give them a second chance. Conversation is key; understand why it happened and ensure it won’t happen again. Let them apologize. You need a genuine apology. Set new rules, no phone passwords, for example; you get to call them whenever and they MUST answer even if they’re busy at work or with friends. In time, trust will start growing again.

I am not justifying cheating and yes, sometimes the best solution is to end the relationship. Do give it a second chance for YOURSELF if you still care and if it didn’t work out then it’s time to move forward knowing you took the right decision with no regrets or what ifs.