Since we’re all currently in the throes of the Coronavirus, it’s no secret that we can see the drastic impact it had on the lives of thousands. To face this pandemic, we’ll need to stay home as much as we can to stay healthy. However, not everyone can stay home. There are many people who are still needed out there.

As part of the community, Swvl wholeheartedly agrees with the stay home, stay healthy motion and promises to do what must be done in our fight against the virus. That’s why Swvl simply cannot bail on the many heroes, like doctors and nurses, venturing out day to day.

Other than our healthcare professionals, many other working Egyptians cannot operate from home because they work in crucial, non-stoppable industries. To combat this, Swvl began taking every cautionary measure there is to ensure the safety of these Egyptians.

While suspending all other lines, Swvl decided to only keep operating necessary routes needed for critical workers’ commutes and society’s must-haves, for a nonexistent fee. And with the pandemic dangers roaming the air, Swvl disinfected and sterilized all its busses.

The company also did the right and crucial thing to enforce social distancing through lowering the number of seats filled in their rides, with a 33-seat vehicle only taking up to 17 seats while 28-seat and 14-seat vehicles will take up to 14 and 8 seats, respectively.

As it implements its Must-Have Trip policy, Swvl isn’t only thinking about customers. It’s also keeping a large portion of Egyptian workers, the captains who survive on daily pay-checks to support their families, in mind.

Since the captains cannot stay in to work, they may not be able to keep up with the countrywide self-quarantine currently in place, which is why Swvl decided to fully-support their captains financially to enable them to get all their essentials and groceries while being only on an unstable schedule.

Stay home and stay safe, but if you have an urgent errand, just take Swvl. They’re here for you.