Quarantine Coronavirus

Let’s not beat around the bush. The widespread of Coronavirus isn’t stopping anytime soon and we know it. Although many Asian countries, including China, are recovering, others like Iran and Italy are currently suffering most of the devastation.

Since the virus is currently making its rounds around the world, with Europe now being the epicenter, no one can ignore the elephant in the room. Especially since we’d began to address it with the recent school suspensions.

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Before we can go any further, we must acknowledge that Coronavirus is now a WHO-defined pandemic.

And though the Coronavirus has a well-known status, some countries like Italy took the severity of the situation lightheartedly, thinking that the virus couldn’t affect them like China.

The end result is that Italy is facing the full-brunt of the virus in ways that China hadn’t. It’s now becoming the country with largest number of cases right after China.

We need to learn from the Italians and their under-preparedness, now warning all other countries against taking the virus as lightly as they had.

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As citizens, we can all see that the answer to the question of quarantine is that it’s a necessity. For our own safety and to that of others.

See, if there’s anything we learned from the quarantines of other countries, it’s that some jobs can be temporarily worked from home. Employees in other jobs with physical labor should be fully-equipped and protected.

We can manage this for the time-being. We need to stock up on hygienic supplies and take careful measures. And, of course, we need to only go out when it’s an absolute necessity. It’s not a vacation.

If a much-needed quarantine goes into full-effect, it might seem harsh but it will save us a lot of trouble.