Some days you feel down; others, you look at your life and feel hopeless like there’s no purpose to live for. Sometimes you’re not happy with your life, the things you do or the way you look. It happens.

In case you’re going through a rough phase in life or you’reย in need of inspiration, I’ve got the perfect story for you.


Michelle Salt, a Canadian athlete, lost her right leg in an accident four years ago after severe blood loss, 13 broken bones and 5 major surgeries in 10 days. It was hard for her to accept the idea of being an amputee because she was so passionate about snowboarding and could not abandon her athletic lifestyle. Her reaction to the amputation is absolutely inspiring.


Despite that she was told she wouldn’t be able to get back to her sport for at least two years, she, against all odds, started snowboarding again 7 months after the surgery. It took her less than a year to be able to walk, run, cycle, drive, swim and play sports, as well as get back to her real estate job. She joined the Canadian Para-Snowboard National Team as the only female in 2013 and went to the 2014 Paralympic games in Russia.

The survivor has a Facebook page on which she shares her experience and offers amputees moral support and motivation. The athlete posts workout videos and inspirational posts about her recovery and journey to making beauty from ashes.


Below is one of the posts that illustrate how her accident taught her to love herself and her body and accept it the way it is.




She was able to not only overcome the hardship that comes with amputation, but also turn her life around completely. Her strength is rare and worth recognising. I love how she learned to love herself and her body when it was hardest to do so. I love how she accepted her wounds and didn’t let the accident put her down. She rose from the ashes and made something beautiful out of something tragic. Think of the impact her experience has had and will have on people who suffer the same fate. She sets such an inspiring example.



If Michelle Salt can come back from this, if she can get up and run after having lost a leg, if she can learn to love herself after her body was severely wounded and changed, then you can do the same. If she was able to turn things around, so can you. Think of that the next time you’re too lazy to go for a run or complain about your looks in the mirror. Think about how much you’ve got and how much better you can make it if you learn to love it, appreciate it and develop it.