So today, social media has been debating this elusive educated tok tok man who talks about the state of affairs in the country as if he were a political analyst.

Many people believe that he is merely a tok tok driver. While others argue that there are many educated people among the less fortunate majority of the population.

What’s interesting is he’s not clear on where he graduated from and just says “ana 5areeg tok tok” And on camera he seems confident and speaks as if he’s rehearsed this speech. Making it difficult for people to believe the truth behind his statements.

Still others, suggest that he is “amnagy” or some affiliate of the government. But this raises several questions as to why a government affiliate, would admonish it rather than praise its accomplishments however few.

The truth is out there somewhere, and as we won’t find out, it’s still a juicy topic to fume out anyones anger.

For the full video see below:

He definitely could give a political science major a run for your money.