Imagine mixing the serenity and tranquility of an isolated beach hut with the leisure and luxury of a fully-serviced fancy hotel room!

Sounds heavenly, right?

Except you don’t have to imagine anymore, because this perfect mix is alive and standing as we speak and ready to be your Sahel haven this year.

Meet Your Personalized “NIRVANA”

Most of us, at one point or another, get this urge to leave everything in our lives behind and to literally just go live by the seaside and isolate ourselves from our mentally-exhausting materialistic lives.

But, we then shake it off and continue with our lives, because well… we gotta pay the bills.

So summer vacation is our one and only window to make that fantasy come true. Which is why we can’t just spend it anywhere, we need to find our very own Nirvana where we can truly unwind and let go of EVERYTHING.

For those who don’t know, Nirvana is a Buddhist expression that means a transcendent state in which there is neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self. In other words, HEAVEN.

People live their entire life working towards the goal of reaching their Nirvana, and most times never find it.

However, luckily, this year, WhiteBay is saving us all the trouble and is bringing us our very own Nirvana to the North Coast beach, in the form of: Nirvana Huts.

Nirvana Huts

Nirvana Huts are the latest of WhiteBay’s blissful creations. As the name suggests, the Nirvana Huts are all about giving you the spiritual and mental retreat you deserve after a hard year of work.

Lined down on the Sidi Heneish North Coast shore, the Nirvana Huts are the closest thing to the sea providing you with that blissful isolation and deep relaxation you have dreamed about all winter.

The feeling of being in a hut adds a sense of coziness and much-needed escapism as if you were in a deserted hut in some ghost town in the middle of nowhere.

However, in order not to miss out on that luxurious hotel room pampered feeling, Nirvana Huts are also fully furnished. They have room service, housekeeping, and all the luxuries a 5-star hotel room has to offer.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Except -somehow- it’s not, and you can see for yourself, or better yet, just rent for yourself!

How to rent your own Nirvana for the summer?

Once launched this summer, Nirvana Huts will be ready to be rented through people, the company’s hotline, or even through any of the booking websites like Booking & Expedia.

There are three different levels of huts; Regular Huts, Luxury Hut, and Main Huts. All three levels are built right onto the sand by the side of the beach.

They are also ALL internally designed with an over minimalism feel to help you achieve that much-needed escapism we talked about.

Each year, we spend months waiting for those three months of summer so we can escape our hectic daily lives and re-fill our energy. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

And this is precisely what makes Nirvana Huts the perfect destination for this summer, because not only do we get to escape the city, we also get to lose our sense of time, place and self.

We won’t just be escaping to the sea, we’ll be escaping to Nirvana. And ain’t that the dream?