Maash Bokra

Amidst all the uncertainty and the curveballs thrown our way, we remain a generation that has at its disposal access, choices and opportunities. With choices and access, comes a need for decision making and a lot of future planning and thinking on our part.

However, despite our best intentions, many of us still worry about the future and all it holds. Not just for us, but for our loved ones, young and old. Are we able to secure a carefree tomorrow? At 18, 20, even 30 we may not be thinking of a financial security blanket, we’re young and free thinking of chasing adventures, careers and even love.

A financial security blanket, you ask? Well Misr Life Insurance (MLI) with its “Maash Bokra” may just be what you are looking for.

In harmony with their forward thinking and delivering on their “Tomorrow starts Today” promise, Misr Life Insurance (MLI) collaborated with the National Bank of Egypt on the “Maash Bokra” pension policy. Consider this policy a chance to safeguard your future while still chasing your adventures, career and all your heart desires.

Maash Bokra is the latest pension and saving insurance policy that screams financial inclusion to the core. A product and services that meet the needs of every segment of the Egyptian society, available to exclusively across 40 branches of the National Bank of Egypt (NBE).

If you’re thinking that Maash Bokra is, “just another pension policy”, you’re wrong. One of the things that makes Maash Bokra incredibly unique is that it’s the only pension policy that doesn’t require medical checkups and lets you decide on the pension amount you want —effectively ending any previous shortages you might have encountered.

Maash Bokra also offers flexibility in varied payment options based on your choice, first and foremost, even without needing to pay fixed premiums, you can get it for a premium as low as 500 pounds paid once and forgotten if you’d like.

And these aren’t the only perks, of course. The Maash Bokra policy provides online payment options, available through vast electronic channels such as Fawry, the MLI mobile application and mobile wallets.

Naturally, a service so evolved attracted a large number of pensioners and caretakers who flocked over because of the benefits available, something Dr. Ahmed Abdelaziz, Chairman and Managing Director of MLI commented on.

Dr. Abdelaziz addressed another bonus—the electronic payments, which are available to MLI clients, allow policyholders to pay their contributions. “They can be made in installments through a large network of electronic payment channels including the official MLI website and mobile app, as well as Fawry outlets and ATMs.”

Though Maash Bokra is only currently available in 40 NBE branches, the aim is to be available in 150 branches by the end of June 2020, ready to handle the needs of even more customers and all their social segments.

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