The world is relentlessly taking it upon itself to tell members of the female gender what they can and cannot wear. This is constantly an issue in schools with dress codes trying to adapt to newest fashions and trends. 

In the US, the issue has been a matter of debate for years now. Girls being sent home for revealing their collar bones or for their skirts being too short. This controversy has been around for a long time with new incidents constantly emerging.


This week something of a new nature occurred. In a school in Belgium, girls were sent home for wearing skirts that were too long and pants that were too wide. They did not abide by the “dress code” is what all these authorities hide behind. But who’s making these rules?


It’s funny how there are rules that limit how modest you can be. It’s also a reflection of the increasing xenophobia and islamophobia which have been spreading like a virus. Is it really those girls’ clothes that were the issue or what they stood for?

Source: AJ+

But even then, the concept of policing what girls wear is also a cultivation of centuries of sexism and objectification of the female gender. The fact that no male has been at the center of any of these issues regarding clothing and presentation is a very obvious show of that. There is no denying that men are never told that what they are wearing is unacceptable, and even if they are, their limits are pushed a lot further than the limits given to women.


The fact is, we are constantly getting contradictory statements about what we should and should not be wearing. This is proof enough that we should not listen to anyone. We dress according to what we’re comfortable with and what our beliefs dictate. Anything else would be untrue to ourselves.