Hollywood seems to be just a showcase of one bombshell after another. Well, we’ve accumulated a list of what we think are the creme de la creme of the bombshell bunch.

Margot Robbie

Ah! Margot Robbie has captured our hearts on every level, bringing Harley Quinn to the silver screen in a way that’ll give Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ insecurities.


Paula Patton

Captivating and amazing. Why Robin Thicke would knowingly leave you, we’ll never know. Oh well, the single you gives men everywhere a fighting chance.

Zoe Soldana

From ‘Avatar’ to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Star Trek Beyond’, Zoe manages to capture our hearts over and over again, igniting fire and creating desire on the silver screen.

Alicia Iskander

Sweden is known for their drop dead, mouth wide open beauties, so it comes as no surprise for this Swedish actress to bless our list. Her roles in movies such ‘Jason Bourne’, ‘The Danish Girl’ and ‘Ex-Machina’ have shown time and time again that she’s about more than just looks.


Lupita Nyongo

All that we seen on this earth know that hers can’t be too worse, an actress on her way to taking over the Hollywood scene.


Tika Sumpter

Girl, you must’ve lost your way from Heaven. On a hot summer day, you’re like a shirt with no sleeve. Our writer was a little lost for words when talking about Tika. The bombshell brightened the silver screen in movies such as ‘Ride Along’, and not only that, she’s also captured musicians’ hearts with her appearances in more than one music video.

Priyanka Chopra

India’s beauty queen and Miss World, needless to say Priyanka, has earned her spot on our list of most attractive actresses to bless the Hollywood scene.


Arden Cho

Model and actress, Arden, has blessed young ones’ hearts everywhere with her role as Kira Yukimura in ‘Teen Wolf’.


Olivia Munn

The way you leave your mark just can’t break you from our thoughts; Olivia Munn is the embodiment of perfection. I mean just look at her.


Ruby Rose

Ruby swings for the other team, but my God do we have to give credit where credit’s due. Enough to make any man bring his A game to try and persuade her to swing the other way, if only for just a little while.


Kimiko Glenn

The actress made her mark in her role as Brook Soso in the netflix series ‘Orange Is the New Black’. She’s also a talented singer, appearing in Broadway musicals such as ‘Waitress’.

Diane Guerrero

The American actress with Latino heritage has showcased her talents in the popular series ‘Orange Is the New Black’. Like some of her cast mates who are on this list, she has earned her spot fair and square.


Naya Rivera

Oh Naya, we love the way you make us feel. If nobody ever loved you, then we will. Her role as Santana Lopez in Fox’s musical comedy-drama ‘Glee’ showcases not only her aesthetics talent, but also the fact that she has vocals on her.


Karima Adebibe

The Moroccan beauty makes Arabs everywhere proud. The Model embodied the character of Lara Croft and we were left absolutely baffled.

Ruth Negga

The Ethiopian beauty strives in her roles in the newly aired show ‘Preacher’ and the movie adaptation of world renowned computer game ‘Warcraft’.

ruth 1

Well there you have it, a list dedicated to television’s beauty queens, and oh are they so deserving of that title.