From “Layaly Eugenie”, to “Taye3”, “Kalabsh”, “Rahim” and many more who have stolen the spotlight this year, some other TV series got overlooked in their shadows. It wasn’t because these series weren’t good enough, on the contrary, they were astounding but they were simply out of luck. C‘est la vie. Some steal the show; others remain backstage away from the spotlights, but we must give them their due. Here are the top 4 underrated series this Ramadan.

#1 Ladayna Aqwal Okhra 

Great script, great cast, great performances! Such a shame that Yousra’s series has a spot on this list. And it’s not due to low views! It’s all because the series wasn’t aired on Egyptian channels!

#2 Rasayel 

May Ezz El Din always picks her roles very smartly and carefully, especially when it comes to series. And this year Rasayel is an exceptional scrip, a mysterious plot, that will keep you at the edge of your seat. Each episode will fill you with more questions, so you will be hooked to keep on watching.

#3 Awalem Khafeya 

Due to the unpopularity of his series for the past couple of years, the audience was driven away from Adel Emam’s series! But the good side is that Adel Emam decided that that’s enough. He must go back to stealing the show during the Ramadan marathon. Awalem Khafeya is a masterpiece that deserves to be watched.

#4 Abo Omar El Masry 

Maybe because we are not used to Ahmed Ezz joining the small screen’s world, the audience didn’t give enough attention to his series this year, and it was lost in the crowd though it’s capturing and Ezz’s performance is just perfect.

Let’s get these series out of this list and give them the attention they deserve.