It seems that talents were straining at the leash all year long, and broke loose in this Ramadan’s TV series. Since we are almost at the finishing line of the holy month, we must pause for a moment and give a round of applause for all the hard work that has been done. But we all know that every competition must have winners, so let’s meet the actresses who outdid everyone this season…

In no particular order here are the top 5 actresses this Ramadan: 

1. Nelly Karim 

It’s no surprise, isn’t it? For six years now, Nelly Karim has sat on the Ramadan throne and no one can deny her talent. This year watching her in two different characters in Ekhtefa’a was quite incredible. At some point you forget that Nasima & Farida are played by the same actress.

2. Amina Khalil – Reham Abd El Ghafour 

It’s a tie between these two amazing actresses. Their characters are quite similar, both lived for years in fear with a psychopath husband and then run away. But each one of the actresses took the character to her own world and translated it with exceptional performances. Hats off ladies!

3. Ingy El Mokadem 

You simply can’t help but love Sophia! It’s not only because the writers did a tremendous job creating this character, it’s Ingy El Mokadem’s cheerful performance that made us all fall for her at first sight. Also she had to learn Italian in only two months (and she nailed it), which made her role even more convincing.

4. Mariam El Khosht – Asmaa Abu Zid 

Actresses everywhere, beware! These two are in it to win it! Asmaa’s performance paved the way for her right into the audience’s heart. As for Mariam, everyone is in awe at how her role this year is poles apart from her role last year in La Totfe2 El Shams, and still she mastered the mean arrogant rich girl’s role like a boss! The Eugenie girls are killing it!

5. Saba Mubarak 

We saved the best for last. If we are talking about stealing the audience’s heart, Saba Mubarak tore that heart apart after we witnessed the death of her character Mohga in Taye3. She had sharpened her acting skills and outdid any of her past performances. Chapeau!

Do you agree with our list? Who is your favourite actress this Ramadan?