For the past five years or more, movie ticket sales have been on the decline. The small screen has stolen the show and the audience from the big screen! So for us to say that more than 35 movies have been produced this year, it is a huge comeback for the silver screen. But since we don’t have enough time to talk about all these movies, let’s simply discuss the best.

P.S Photocopy earns a place on this list, but the movie hasn’t been released in movie theatres yet!

Below are the top 5 Egyptian movies of 2017: 

#5 Horoub Edterary 

What I like most about this movie is that it was a big beautiful mess. A once in lifetime ensemble cast, and each actor/actress has had the chance (even if it was slight) to shine in the movie. For that reason only this movie earned the fifth place!

#4 El Kenz

Mohamed Saad’s performance in this movie was enough to save it a spot on our list. A great cast, an out of the box movie plot, and also great costume designs. The movie checked all the boxes, can’t wait to see Part 2.

#3 El Sheikh Jackson 

Talk about out of the box ideas! Here comes the most talked about movie of 2017. Admit it or not, Ahmed El-Fishawy is a great talent, and when Amr Salama is the one in charge of this talent, it’s almost certain that we would witness an exceptional performance. As controversial as it was, the movie was incredible.

#2 Mawlana 

Mawlana was out by the end of 2016 and has occupied a place in the movie race in 2017, which makes it eligible to join our list in second place. Amr Saad gave us an outstanding performance in the world created by the one and only Ibrahim Eissa.


#1 El Asleyin 

Ahmed Mourad has done it again! Since El-Fil El-Azra’a everyone had been on the edge of their seats, eager to experience another movie that matches this brilliance. And when he teams up with the amazing director Marawan Hamed and this stupendous ensemble cast, let me repeat, Ahmed Mourad has done it again.