We’ve listed our top 5, and now we’re listing our bottom 5. Owing to the slow confusing plots, and in some cases, poor acting, there are many series this year that have drastically disappointed us.

Azmy W Ashgan

Our love for this comedic couple, Amy Samir Ghanem and Hassan El Radad was unconditional until the start of this series. The plot itself is just plain idiotic. Not only that, but their supporting actors are neither powerful, nor convincing. One big flop!

Fawq Al Sahab

No. Just no. Hany Salama in the Mafia? Who came up with the cast, and why are they out to get us? Ramadan heroes are not supposed to piss us off! 2alak Mando w Mafia.

Nisr Al Saeed

We have to admit that Mohamed Ramadan is in fact a good actor. However, what is new with him? Why are all his characters the same? C’mon, we get it. Not only do we have a problem with the character, but also the silly mistakes in the filming and the directing that could’ve easily been avoided. It’s just too much.


Series with a name usually grab all our attention, which is why we had hopes for this one. However, Malika is not at all what we expected. With the terrorism trend booming in this year’s drama productions, Malika contributes with a confusing plot that throws us off completely. We’re really trying to understand.

Qanoon Omar 

Just a typical Egyptian story. A guy from a lower social background, falls in love with a girl who belongs to a higher social status, and the obstacles begin. The problem with this show is that there’s too much “luvluva w talzee2 3aleina”.

Hate to be harsh critics, but Ramadan is supposed to be fun and dramatic, msh keda ya nas.