Do you sometimes find yourself stuck between ordinary cafes and restaurants in Cairo where you have a Coke or a cappuccino and hang out a bit with your friends for an hour or two before you head home?

Well, what if we tell you there are some great places out there where you can have a decent drink, smoke up all the Shisha you want and also hang out with your friends in a really cool ambiance?

We’re always here to help you and give you tips on how and where to have fun; which is why we made you this list of the top 5 Shisha friendly bars that you wouldn’t wanna miss, like EVER:

1. Macera Lounger & Bar

This is hands down one of the best places in Heliopolis. And you don’t only get to have a drink and smoke your Shisha; this is also one of a kind European Lounger that offers really unique international cuisine! The best thing about it is that you shouldn’t miss their special entertainment nights and outstanding atmosphere!  

So basically, awesome food, special nights and entertainment and most importantly, Shisha and drinks! What could be better? We’ve got the answer; nothing!

2. Rooftop

This awesome place is located in Zamalek. You will honestly be torn apart between admiring the beautiful Nile view from the top of the Nile Zamalek Hotel and enjoying the drinks and Shisha! Either way, we promise you won’t ever regret visiting that place!

3. Nomad

Because rooftops are simply awesome, we got you another incredible bar located at Dokki’s Rooftop Watering Hole at the King’s Hotel! You’ll be able to get some fresh air and enjoy a panorama-like sky view. The place is quite comfortable; it plays decent music and serves the best Shisha and drinks!

4. Pool Grill

This incredible Pool bar at the Four Seasons Cairo, Nile Plaza has the most beautiful relaxing view. And of course, other than serving the cold drinks, the oriental Mezzat and the really nice Shisha; they also have mouthwatering grilled food!

5. Taboula

At Garden City, Taboula is widely known for the BEST Lebanese cuisine! So basically, they don’t just serve extremely tasty food but cold drinks and really tasty Shisha as well! In addition to the incredible Lebanese Mezzat! You really wouldn’t wanna miss on trying it out!

So, we really hope you guys like our list and we wish you the most fun night ever!