You’ve probably read about the trending Ramadan TV shows this year already, but today we’re more concerned with the intros of these shows. They are the songs that stick to our heads and we keep singing their lyrics all month long. We will probably miss them after Ramadan is over and always inquire who the singer is. Here are the best intro songs this year!

1. ‘Wahet el Ghorob’ by Wael El Fashny

 2. ‘Le A3la Se3r’ by Nawal El Zoghbi

3. ‘La Totfe2 El Shams’ by Assala

4.’ Ard Gaw’ by Samira Saed

5. ‘La La Land’ by Donia Samira Ghanem

6. ‘Halawet el Donia’ by Sherine

keep tuning in to those amazing songs! We know you have an amazing voice, but we’re pretty sure you won’t beat Assala or Sherine, so maybe keep it low my friend! Have a good day!