Just like we’ve talked about what girls do, we have to look at the other side of the coin, where guys are now the villains of our story.

Guys can mess up relationships and make you take responsibility for it and then here comes the ‘I feel bad’ part. That is why you need to take in all the knowledge to not fall into that trap again. And for you guys, please help us live those fairytales we had in mind.

Start taking notes, both of you! 

#1: Being Overly Jealous for No Reason

Jealousy plays a huge role in relationship destruction. Of course, it is fine if you feel jealous every now and then for a good enough reason. But it is never fine if you are overly jealous. This will lead to suffocation and believe me, you don’t want to meet the suffocated version of your girlfriend/wife.

#2: Trying to Control Her

Controlling her means that you don’t trust her. She has been living 20 something years making her own decisions, and you want her to quit that now? You have to trust her enough because a relationship with no trust is a relationship not worth having at all.

#3: Listening the Wrong Way

Guys listen to us, but in their own way. Most women want to vent out and to have someone who empathizes with them. But what  most guys do is try to find solutions instead of actually being there the way she wants him to. Try to feel her words, and act accordingly. She’ll love you forever for it.

#4: Close to None Attention

Not giving her enough attention will lead to misbalancing your relationship equation. A relationship equation has two parts, yours and hers. The both of you need to give and take as much as each other, otherwise, the balance is gone with the wind, and so will the relationship.

#5: Underestimating the Importance of Small Things

Guys think big, but girls think big and small too. They love all those small gestures because they make the biggest differences. Guys always underestimate the power of these tiny little gestures.

#6: Not Sharing Enough

Some guys think that being emotional with your significant other would mean that you are weak, or that sharing whatever you have in mind is a ‘girls’ kind of thing. Get rid of those stereotypes and start sharing. Because with sharing, you two connect and with a connection, magic happens.

#7: Taking Her for Granted

We can’t but realize that many guys have this issue of taking their loved ones for granted. Just because she does her best to make this relationship work, doesn’t mean that she can’t quit when she finds nothing in return. She is waiting for your love, effort and time, or else you are just a page that she has to turn.

#8: Exceeding His Boundaries with Other Girls

This one is definitely a deal breaker and guys can’t really understand it. Flirting with other girls is not acceptable and no it is not ‘us’ being closed minded. You two have to sit down and have a conversation about what your boundaries should be, otherwise, you are better off as a single man.

#9: Not Taking Enough Responsibility

Yes, she will offer you the world if she can, but you have to take responsibility too. You have to share in the house chores, you have to admit when you’ve mistaken. But don’t walk around expecting everything to be handed to you on a golden platter, because this is mother earth and not paradise.

Yes, girls mess up as much as you guys do, but if both parties start making amends, fairytales might exist. (Hopefully)