Bored from studying inside that tiny room of yours? Want to get some fresh air or experience a change of places instead of being stuck in your office everyday with your workmates? Well, co-working spaces are the right place for you! Don’t believe us? Check out these co-working places for yourself and tell us what you think!

1. Al-Maqarr 


Located in Heliopolis, not only does El-Maqqar offer co-working space and conference rooms, but it organizes social and recreational events for its members. The place includes rooms that fit up to 15 persons, and the entire space can accommodate up to 120 persons.

2. Urban Station


Located in Mohandiseen, Urban Station is is the First Global Network for Mobile Workers. They provide different services that suit all tastes ranging from open spaces, meeting rooms, board meeting rooms, offices, auditoriums and events space!

3. icecairo


Located in Downtown, icecairo is a hidden gem that will make you feel like you are working or studying at home, especially with their very competitive rates whether it’s for a recreational area or conference rooms.

4. District Spaces


Located in Maadi, the District offers co-working space and full business services that could include even a business address, a telephone number and reception services for up to 6 months. Not to mention their convenient independent workspaces and their conference rooms which come in different sizes.

5. 302 Labs


Located in Nasr City, 302 Labs provides you with the elements needed for any successful working day productivity and functionality. They have events and meeting rooms with a space where you could hold meetings, organize sessions or work on a university project.

Remember, the best thing about co-working spaces is that they provide you with a cool place, coffee and a nice atmosphere without making you spend a lot of money! So make your reservations and work away!