Coworking Spaces

We’re nearing finals week, and we know most of you are now running around trying to save the rest of the semester. We’ve been there, and we understand what you’re currently going through.

So we decided to relieve you from the hassle of finding a decent quiet place to study and made you a whole list- if you’re up for studying in Tagamoa or Maadi!

1# Comfort Zone

Literally the most comfortable place to study!
Whether you wanna focus alone or work on projects and presentations with your group/friends; Comfort Zone is exactly what its name entails.

They serve coffee and homemade desserts, and offer different bundles to make it easier for you to go there and take your time while studying!

Address: Villa 106, in front of the Canadian International School, 4th District
Number: 01155988710

2# Diamond Hub

Diamond Hub or The Success Hub is like your own office but not at work nor at home. It’s in a much quieter and more relaxed place.

The working atmosphere within this place is awesome and it’ll help you focus. Even better qualities? The staff is very energetic and helpful!

Address: 374 A El Tesaeen El Shamaly st. 5th Compound, New Cairo
Number: 01000087537

3# El Ma7ata

El Ma7ata is mainly for entrepreneurs and team meetings, which is why it would be PERFECT whenever you have a group project!

Not to mention how beautiful the interiors are; it’s also like each one will have their own office/desk. It also has a reading corner, really interesting!

Address: Villa 231, El Yasmeen 5, Ahmed Shawqi St. New Cairo
Number: 01027970990

4# Road9 Coworking Space

Talk about the coziest place in the world!
Road 9 is such an awesome place to relax, sit back and get on with work.

Just looking at the beautiful interiors is motivational and will help you get things done in a heartbeat. And you might even never wanna finish and leave!

Address: 90, 9 Street, Maadi, Cairo
Number: 01063375996

5# Darb Coworking Space

Well, this one is really more than just a coworking space.
Darb is not just one of the coziest out there, it also offers various courses.

From music and instrumental learning classes to medical ones, they even have people to teach you chess; can you believe it? And it’s great if you want to study with your friends!

Address: 4 Rd. 100 Intersection of Rd. 153, El Horreya Sq. Floor 3 Flat 19, Maadi, Cairo
Number: 01123196970

6# El Kotob Khan Bookstore

El Kotob Khan gives you this extremely wonderful vintage bookstore feels!
The fact that you’re surrounded by books everywhere is very motivational and inspirational for studying. It’s also very calm, relaxing and it’s really worth a try!

Address: 13 Rd. 254, Maadi, Cairo
Number: 0225196569

We hope we made it easier for you to get in the game; study your eyes out and ace your tests until you’re done with your finals!

Don’t forget to let us know which one from the list you liked best!