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8 Guilty Pleasure Desserts to Enjoy in Cairo


While scrolling through social media or watching a movie, have you ever come across that irresistible dessert that you thought you would never find here in Egypt? Well, I can guarantee that with these top dessert places scattered all around Cairo you’re bound to find your perfect sweet tooth perfection.



From their Belgian chocolate selection to their pastries and cheesecakes, they have really hit the nail on the head. The taste is just pure perfection. (Located in Arkan Mall, Sheikh Zayed)

Tabla Luna

This Latin American Cuisine Bistro has the best “torta” in town. The dessert is literally called Torta. (Located in Maadi, Zamalek and Sheikh Zayed)


No matter where you are in Cairo this is one of the most accessible dessert shops, and who doesn’t crave a waffle filled with their favourite candy and chocolate? (Located in Masaken Sheraton, Nasr City, Tagammoa, Zamalek, Dokki & Maadi)

Dip n’ Dip

Starting from their mouthwatering chocolate fountains to their creative crepes, we think we’ll let the picture speak for itself. (Located in Shiekh Zayed, Tagammoa, Nasr City, Mohandeseen & Heliopolis)


We all crave a tub or maybe two of ice cream to binge watch our favourite episodes while eating. Stavolta offers different flavours and different toppings. (Located in Maadi, Sheikh Zayed & Heliopolis)

Baskin Robins

Have you ever craved for ice cream but couldn’t decide which flavour to get? Well, Baskin Robins has found us a solution for that problem. Their ice cream cakes have many different flavours inside just one dessert.

Dunkin’ Donuts

We’ve all probably watched a movie where someone binge eats a dozen of glazed donuts and wished we could do the same. Well, now that is actually possible with Dunkin’ Donuts branches opening all around Cairo and becoming more accessible for everyone! (Located in Tagammoa, Sheikh Zayed, Heliopolis, Dokki, Mohandeseen, Rehab & Nasr City)

Batter Half & Co

If there’s one thing they have learnt to perfect, it’s red velvet. They can literaly make anything with red velvet taste heavenly. (Located in Zamalek & Tagammoa)

Having a sweet tooth is no longer an issue when you have one of those dessert places located next to you right here in Cairo!