Egyptian Comedies

During the early 2000s, around a million Egyptian movies were released per year. And they varied between the really good ones, the horrible and the meh. However, there were others that people didn’t pay enough attention to at the time they were released, but are catching up now.

Here are the six top Egyptian comedies that were released in the wrong time: 

#1 El-Sayed Abo El-3araby Wasal

Aflam Habta

Released in 2005, starring Hani Ramzy and Menna Shalaby, “El-Sayed Abo El-3araby Wasal” is an Egyptian comedy that portrays the life of a poor man who wants to marry a girl whose father wanted to marry off to a rich groom. Which is why Abo El-3araby decides to go to Greece in order to look for the fortune and get the girl.

The movie didn’t grab much attention when it was first released. Especially that it coincided with Karim Abdel Aziz and Mona Zaki‘s “Abo Ali” in the same season.

However, ever since it began airing on TV, people have not been getting enough of it and its memes!

#2 El-Hassa El-Sab3a

Aflam Habta

When it was first released in 2005, “El-Hassa El-Sab3a” also didn’t catch so many eyes. Especially that it’s starring Ahmed El-Fishawy who wasn’t really famous back then.

It’s worth mentioning that the comedy genre it presented was so different from our usual comedies, since it revolves around a Kung Fu player who reads minds!

But now, looking back, its jokes and hilarious scenes are still stuck with us. Who can forget “Foumanchi“? And the whole “He thinks in Chinese!” thing?

#3 Film Thakafi

Aflam Habta

In 2000, when Ahmed Rizk, Ahmed Eid and Fathi Abdel Wahab all presented “Film Thakafi”; to say it was controversial is an understatement.

On top of that, it was almost immediately listed as one of those +18 movies that nobody really cared for at the time. Since it talked about three friends who get stuck in the strangest situations in order to watch a specific porn movie together.

Nevertheless, people have rediscovered it, and found that it actually discusses a very important topic, but in the funniest way possible!

#4 Hamada Yelaab

Aflam Habta

Hamada Yelaab” was released in 2005 and it was way ahead of its time, to be honest. With Ahmed Rizk, Ghada Adel and Ahmed Eid; it wasn’t much success at the movie theaters.

But as soon as it began airing on Rotana Cinema, people were quick to love it. For one, it’s hilarious, as it tells the story of two friends who embark on a journey in order to find a girl with the name ‘Laila El-Sayed Ahmed’ to join them in a TV contest.

And most importantly, it has a very catchy and funny theme song!

#5 El-Ragol El-Abyad El-Motawaset

Aflam Habta

Starring Ahmed Adam, Ezzat Abo Ouf, Maged El-Kedwani and Mahmoud El-Bezzawi; “El-Ragol El-Abyad El-Motawaset” revolves around a hilarious sequence of events that happen to an inventor who needs money to get married and decides to be a thief and meets a businessman and a couple of burglars!

Hint: El Mor B-Zeyada w El-3arabi Saytara!

6- Dars Khosousi

Aflam Habta

Everybody needs a little bit of a time travel classic, right? “Dars Khosousi” is one of those underrated comedy movies that revolve around an unrealistic topic, and maybe that’s why not too many people like it back then.

Also, the cast didn’t include a star to catch the eye. However, Star Academy’s Mohamed Attia did a great job as ‘Khosousi Afandi Abo El-Eila Shehata‘ who goes missing for 25 years as a result of a time spiral that swallowed the ship he was on, and returns to his grown up children; Hassan Hosni, Hala Fakher and Salah Abdallah in the year 2005.

Those were our picks for the Egyptian comedies that were released ahead of their times to the wrong generation, and have been rediscovered by the new one; what are yours?