Vodafone just received the Top Employer Certification Award from the Top Employer Global Institute. In addition, they are considered to be the proud employer of choice in Egypt for the last 5 years.  

As usual, they’ve shown certified excellence in workplace conditions for employees in so many areas; of which are talent strategy, learning and development, performance management, leadership development, compensation and benefits and so much more.   

Because of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Vodafone Egypt hopes to remain as the top and number one employer in Egypt by providing its staff growth opportunities and career progression in an engaging workplace. 

What makes Vodafone great is that it attracts the best talents as it provides them with competitive benefits, outstanding recognition programs, flexible hours and best in class facilities, which makes it easy for the employee to balance his/her social and work life. Supporting employees to reach their career goals and dreams while making the best out of life’s opportunities is what Vodafone Egypt practices on daily basis. How can an employer be any better?  

The environment is extremely friendly and super organized. You would find that all Vodafone employees share a common set of values and behaviors that constitute the cultural framework. All employees work together as a team to better serve the customers as the company is customer based. To be able to support customers in every way possible, Vodafone pledges to operate with speed, simplicity and trust. In addition, diversity and inclusion are very important; that is why it is one of Vodafone’s goals to have a working environment that respects, values, celebrates and appreciates differences. 

Believing in the power of tomorrow, Vodafone Egypt believes that everyday holds a new opportunity for personal and professional growth. This is mainly the reason why they try to provide employees with continuous opportunities for learning and development not only through traditional classroom training, but through various rich, diverse and digital platforms, solutions and tools throughout the on the job training opportunities, coaching, mentoring, feedback, shadowing in a unique way. In addition, employees with great performances are sent to international assignments to gain relevant international experience.  

People are the most valuable asset to the company and the main driver of Vodafone’s success, that is why rewarding exceptional employees is an integral part of the HR’s strategy.  

At Vodafone, all your efforts will be recognized, rewarded and celebrated.