There’s absolutely no doubt that the MOST important thing about a man, is the way he smells. Almost all women agree on that. Every now and then you hear a woman telling her friend “The perfume he was wearing is just DREAMY.” It’s not just women; men too usually regard their scent as a top priority, which is why you could see some of them LITERALLY showering with their perfume bottles until they’re finished up in no time. For this reason, we brought you the 9 most amazing, trendy and timeless fragrances for men!

JEAN PAUL ‘Le Mal in the Navy’

How outstanding is the packaging, women? JEAN PAUL’S ‘Le Mal in the Navy’ is very iconic, seductive and extremely stylish. This sexy bottle has a fresh beautiful smell resulting from the mixture of the icy peppermint, salty oceanic notes, vanilla and ambergris. Definitely not to be missed!

VERSACE ‘Dylan Blue’

Did you get the aromatic vibes we just got? ‘With its fresh aquatic composition including the beautiful grapefruit and wooden fig leaves smell, Dylan Blue’ from VERSACE is just amazing. Its stunning Mediterranean dark blue bottle with the golden Medusa Seal got us SOLD!

COACH ‘Platinum’

This strong silver packaging also contains a very strong and fresh smell! ‘Platinum’ from COACH is a mixture of classy and passionate scents! From the oriental sage and sandalwood to the fruity pineapple and vanilla leather, this fragrance is VERY unique!

MONTBLANC ‘Individuel’

This fragrance honestly feels like a passion fruit basket inside a very soft and beautiful silver bottle! ‘Individuel’ from MONTBLANC with its rosemary, berries, cinnamon and pineapple ingredients, is just incredibly nose catching in so many good ways!

TOM FORD ‘Ombré Leather’

Very beautiful and classy black leather packaging, right? The TOM FORD ‘Ombré Leather’ has a very dreamy smell that sends off the desert vibes. Feels like a fresh cold breeze accompanied with a very dusty feeling in the air, the good way of course.


The oriental spicy smell of this fragrance is just stunning! With its amazing composition of green mandarin, apples, orange blossoms, lavender and nutmeg mixed with the leather base, ‘Code’ by GIORGIO ARMANI makes a man SO hard to forget! Don’t you think?

GUESS ‘Seductive’

The outstanding mixture of sandalwood, musk, amber and patchouli with the vanilla orchid and violet leaves in this very classic packaging of GUESS ‘Seductive’ gives any man just the right amount of charisma and charm to steal hearts!

DIOR ‘Sauvage’ Eau de Toilette

This DIOR fragrance is just so INTENSE! ‘Sauvage’ in its beautiful light navy bottle, inspired by the blue skies and landscapes, is very fresh, woody and extremely juicy. THIS is a mixture anyone would want to try, right?

CHANEL ‘Bleu de Chanel’

This sophisticated dark blue packaging contains some woody and aromatic composition. The CHANEL ‘Bleu de Chanel’ has the oriental amber, the fresh wood and velvet among its ingredients which literally makes the smell to die for on any man!