Even though they only had one hit, they managed to make it memorable. You may not remember who those singers are, but you will find yourself singing along with their songs (Asking yourself what were you thinking!!).

Some of them disappeared; others made more than one song but the following songs overshadowed their other work and managed to stick to our heads. Let’s get a bit nostalgic, shall we?

1. Aly Hemidah: “Lolaki” 


2. Nesrin: “Makhtouba”


3. Free Baby: “Baba Fein”


4. Menna & Nahla: “Ehkily” 


5. Katia Harb: “Ad El Hob” 


6. Shando: “Abd El Hady” 


7. Shahinaz: “Olly Olly”  


8. Guitara: “Ya Ghaly


9. Amira: “Bahebak Bestemrar”


10. Nancy ElZaabalwy: “Mostahil” 


11. Alia: “Ady Eli Kan” 


12. Lamia: “Boadak Any Entehar” 


13. Ahmed Fawzy: “Etameny”