1- Mimi Shakib: Towards the end of her life, she was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward.

She was pushed off her apartment’s window in 1983; the criminal remains unidentified.



2-The Director Niazi Mostafa: He directed ‘Sagheerra 3al 7ob’, ‘Mr X’, and

‘El Ba7s 3an Fedee7a’.

He was found dead in his bedroom by his cook, with his hands tied behind his back.



3- Wedad Hamdy : An incognito regisseur murdered her during a house burglary attempt only to find nothing to steal; she was literally broke!



4- Abdel Salam EL Nabulsi: He was terribly ill and died on his way to hospital.

His wife couldn’t even afford the funeral fees so Farid el Atrash offered to pay them and remained financially responsible of El Nabulsi’s wife till the last moment.



5- Amin EL Heneidy:  His family couldn’t afford to pay the hospital bill of 2000 EGP  when he passed away. The hospital did not release the body until his family came up with the money.



6- Ali Al Kassar: He was terribly sick and died at Al Kasr El Eini Hospital on a very modest bed in the C class section.



7- Abdel Fattah Al Kasry: He lived in a tiny basement room and was looked after by a poor neighbour when he was diagnosed with Arterial Stiffness which eventually led to his memory loss.  He died alone; his colleagues never checked on him except for actress Nagwa Salem.



8- Fatma Roushdy: She was terribly ill and couldn’t afford a decent home, so she lived in a hotel room somewhere in rural Egypt. According to Al Wafd newspaper, Farid Shawki sponsored her financially and managed to provide her with a small flat. She died alone and poor.



9- Emad Hamdy: He got extremely depressed after his twin brother’s death locking himself up at home for three years until he passed away too, alone. He only had 20 EGP to his name in the bank.


10- ٍRiad Al Kassabgy: He was diagnosed with partial paralysis. To boost his morale, Director Hassan Al Imam casted him for a role in ‘Al Khataya’ but he collapsed during the filming.


11- Zeenat Sedky: She had to sell all her house furniture to buy food. Her colleagues turned their backs on her when she got terribly sick; she died all alone in her house. No one had even discovered her death until her neighbour suspected an offensive odour coming out of her house, where she was found laying dead in her bed.