Want to forget about the world and all your worries? Movies are the cure to your soul.

Below are the trailers of all the new movies that were released at our local cinemas this week:

1. The Nice Guy  

Two of the hottest guys on the planet are in the same movie; girls go buy your tickets. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling are investigating the apparent death of a porn star, may luck be in their favours.


2. Warcraft 

The realm of Azeroth is on the brink of a terrifying war. Humans should stand together to battle the invaders’ beats. It’s either we fight together, or die together.


3. X-Men: Apocalypse 

In this new X-Men movie, we will learn how Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Mystique and the rest of the X-men will join Professor X’s school and fight the unbeatable Apocalypse. (Message to Game of Thrones fans: Don’t miss Sansa Stark in there)


4. Money Monster 

After sharing some laughs as they posed on the red carpet during the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, everyone is so excited to see Julia Roberts and George Clooney in this new movie.


5. Midnight Special 

A father takes his son and goes on the run to protect him from the government and a cult drawn to his son’s special powers and wanted to use him as a weapon.


6. Bastille Day 

A smart young con artist and former CIA agent embark on an anti-terrorist mission in France. (Another message to Game Of Thrones fans: The con artist in Robb Stark)