The cost for a one month single entry visa is 1425 and 1525 EGP for 3 months. It takes up to 15 business days to be issued. An online application is filled-in with your travel details, copy of the passport and other required documents. A return ticket is required to get accepted for the visa.


In general, public transportation in Morocco is pretty good. The rail network links the main towns of the north, Marrakech and the coast with plenty of collective taxis and buses.

  • Trains are the best option for traveling between major cities. They cover a limited network of routes though.
  • Buses are cheaper than shared taxis. Even though they are slower, they are safer and more comfortable. Note that buses run by the national company are more reliable and faster than private services.
  • With a wide variety of routes and the speed factor, shared taxis are one of the features of the country’s transportation system. The fares are more expensive than buses.

Money and Shopping

Morocco has a closed currency, which means you can’t get Dirhams from outside the country. You’ll have to wait until you actually get there to get any.

  • Currency exchange bureaus are available at the airport, in addition to the banks in major cities. It’s so important to keep cash with you, preferably in small bills, for cabs/services and tipping. Learn how to bargain while shopping. Due to how touristy Morocco is, prices aren’t cheap, and haggling is just a part of the shopping process there. You can get at least 25 to 50% discount on the starting prices of the items. The best souvenirs to bring home are rugs, carpets, leathers, spices, oils, lanterns, fragrances, pottery, Babouches and, artisanal soaps and Berber baskets.

Best Cities with Unmissable Attractions

  1. Marrakech Medina represents a colorful experience where you enter a world of maze-like alleyways full of random acrobats, traditional musicians, stall vendors and snake charmers.
  1. Hassan II Mosque is the major landmark of Casablanca city. It’s a precious symbol of Morocco, with carved marble pieces and marble mosaic representing the traditional Islamic architecture and greatness of the Moroccan craftsmanship.
  1. Volubilis is a day trip from Fes or Meknes, where Roman ruin with a clutch of mesmerizing mosaics, tumbled columns and temple remnants are found.

Moroccan Cuisine

For highly affordable rates, you can guarantee you will be well fed, maybe even like royalty.

  • Tagine is one of the most famous foods of this country. There are a lot of different kinds, mostly with meat, that are slow cooked in ceramic or clay pots.
  • Couscous is the highlight of Moroccan cuisine. Beef or chicken is stewed along with diverse vegetables then arranged on steamed couscous grains.
  • Beef with Prunes is a great combination of sweet and savory. The prunes are poached in syrup with cinnamon and honey, and added to the meat then cooked until buttery tender with ginger, saffron and onions.
  • Harira is the tomato soup loaded with chickpeas, lentils and rice or fine noodles. It’s usually made with beef or lamb.
  1. Chefchaoun, located in the Rif mountains, is the incredibly glow town with the blue on blue labyrinth of buildings. Wandering the alleys of the town is very soothing and peaceful; it’s also one of the country’s main hiking and trekking destinations.
  1. Fes El Bali is the country’s other cultural destination besides Marrakech. The old city is an authentic beautifully chaotic place, not filled with tourists, unlike its sister imperial city of the south.
  2. Essaouira is the most charming seaside town of Morocco. It’s an authentic hippie place with colorful fishing boats, old shore-side fortress walls and twisty alleyways.
  1. Oudaias Kasbah in Rabat is one of the most picturesque neighborhoods located in the city’s core. A lost in time atmosphere is felt right away within this old fortress with white and blue houses, rimmed by colorful flowerpots.
  1. Erg Chebbi in the eastern Sahara is where the grand sand dunes are located. It’s a main destination for four-wheel-drive dune-bashing, dune surfing and camel trekking.
  1. Legzira Beach at Sidi Ifni along the Atlantic coast is known for its natural stone arch and red cliffs. It’s a striking rugged coastline and one of the main destinations for surfing and paragliding.
  1. Hercules Cave in Tangier is located above the waves of the Atlantic Ocean with an entrance displaying traditional artifacts and items.