Thankfully, we have quite a long vacation from work and school. Normally, people take this chance to escape town to change scenery and do something different.

However, travelling is not the only way to do that!

We are here to tell you that if you are spending this vacation in Cairo, there is a way you can have a better time than if you had traveled.

To prove it, we brought you the best places and out-of-the-box new activities that might even be more fun than travelling.

1. Adrenalin Park, Egypt

This paintball center, which also happens to be the biggest in the Middle East, will pump the adrenaline in your veins to maximum capacity.

You and your friends get to experience a simulated (yet as real as it gets) battlefield situation; with camouflage overalls, protective goggles and some pretty big guns.

Number:  0122 500 1008

2. Autovroom 

If you are an action movie buff, or not, you are going to want to experience your own personal “Fast & Furious” movie, trust me on this!

This place is the first international professional racing track in Cairo, and it extends to 700 meters! They train you and get you in shape in order to feel just like a real racer, before you take the wheel.

Number: 0120 000 4485

3. Unleashed RIP

Frustrated from work, got an annoying second cousin who is pissing you off, or just you know, tired of holding yourself together and want to break some heads -understandably, of course-, this place will give you the soul cleansing you need to reboot your systems and regain your energy.

How? By allowing you to lose your cool and smash the life out of some stuff, then taking a mugshot of you! Their motto is “R.I.P”; Rage In Piece! Sounds awesome? Not as awesome as it feels!

Number: 0106 888 1888

4. Aerodium Egypt

Time to spread your wings and fly, well, arms, but the point is you’ll actually FLY. Aerodium Egypt in Cairo Festival Mall is the first skydiving simulator in the entire Middle East.

They give you a 15-minute training on how to handle yourself in the air, then they get you flying in a vertical wind tunnel, experiencing basically how it feels to free fly on your own! And ain’t that the ultimate dream?!

Number: 01281327573

5. Gravity Code 

Time to jump your way to the best vacation of your life. Gravity Code will let your inner child run loose and go crazy.

Remember when your mom used to tell you not to jump up and down on the furniture? Well, in Gravity Code you can jump up and down on everything, including the WALLS!

Number: 0106 611 6733



6. Verticality Zorbing Park

Vertically Zorbing Park is the only Zorbing park in the Middle East. In there you get to take the wildest ride of your life! Here is what happens; you and a friend of yours get into a ball, the ball rolls with you inside it downhill in a pretty long track running over your other friends.

Yes, it is as epic and adrenaline induced as it seems, and yes, you will want to throw up afterwards, but it’s totally 100% worth it.

Number: 01200455245

7. Ski Egypt 

If you are as sad as we are that we don’t get snow here in Egypt, and haven’t tried skiing yet, now is the time to try it!

There is no better way to celebrate Easter, and say goodbye to winter than skiing with some ridiculously cute penguins. So take a bunch of your friends or family members to Mall of Egypt, and ski your way into spring!

Number: 16002

And here you go, people! Now you can spend a vacation so good right here in Cairo, it will make you feel glad you couldn’t travel.