We’re all well aware how temporary tattoos have been the rage for quite some time, come the hot summer season. I mean, who hasn’t seen those pretty gold and silver flash tattoos adorn the bodies of bikini-clad Sahel-istas this summer? The oh-so-Tumblr look has spread like wild fire and we’re all guilty of rocking some tattooed bling-bling. There is, however, a new kid on the ink block that we should all keep an eye out for.

Temporary tattoos that actually look like the real thing are definitely what’s in now. It’s time to put aside the sparkly flash tattoos and start sporting some pretty authentic-looking ink. How, you ask? Well, a company called Inkbox managed to create temporary tattoos made from a solely fruit-based organic formula that last for 12-15 days- aka, about two weeks.

Piffle2_grande wabi-sabi2_grande

Apart from dying the skin to look exactly like it is actually tattooed, the Inkbox tattoos are totally organic and safe to use- sounds good to us! For $19, you get to get inked.. for only a couple of weeks, which is very convenient for those of us who have commitment jitters when it comes to actually getting a permanent tattoo. It’s also painless, takes just about a couple of minutes to apply and about a day to develop on the skin.

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From geometric shapes to ever-loved quoted to city skylines and vague-but-oh-so-unique designs, the tattoo designs are endless. And if those aren’t enough, you can actually have your dream tattoo custom-made, you little spoilt creative soul, you!

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Hold up though, we live in Egypt and that usually means we can’t have most nice things.. unless we wait after the trend has spread worldwide, been overused and is now quite dead. Fear not, fellow Egyptian trend-lovers, according to the website, they ship worldwide! Hallelujah!

Now, excuse us, while we go experiment with a full-on inked sleeve like the badasses we truly aren’t!