A new hashtag has been trending on Twitter today which caught our eyes and gave us some good laughs: #كلمه_للي_صورك_صوره_البطاقه

If you’re an Egyptian who has passed the age to get a national ID, you definitely know that even if you are a super model and blessed with the most photogenic features on this planet, you will come out looking like a washed-out alien.

Therefore the kind and humorous people of Egypt have taken to Twitter to dedicate a few words to the person who took their I.D. pictures. Here are a few examples that cracked us up:

Taylor Swift knows how to say it best:

He is indeed:

Pray that God will forgive you for the pain you have inflicted on me – Dramatic but accurate:

Well, mission accomplished:

Can totally relate to this one, I came out looking like a different person as well:

Meen ya habibi?

Read in Liam Neeson’s voice: