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After taking over the market with her powerful designs that can bring back any trend, we present to you Norhan Selim the soldier behind Trinity. 

How did you realize your talent and when?

During my senior year, the 90’s choker phenomenon had become very popular again. It was very hard to find in Egypt, but I was still very persistent on having one since I’m really into fashion. I used my all-time favorite sun pendant and joined it with a black leather strap that I found in my mother’s crafts drawer, et viola! I had a choker. All my friends kept asking me to make some for them and that’s when my business talent sparked.

Why did you choose the word trinity for your brand name?

Trinity means a group of three things combined into one. At Trinity, we aspire to bring our clients three things; creativity, simplicity and fashion. Our main shape is a triangle which is also made of three sides.

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What item do you think matters the most in your outfit? And why? Ex: shoes, bags, accessories.

Shoes! I think shoes can make or break your outfit, or maybe because I make shoe-contact before anything else. Accessories are also important because they can totally turn a very simple outfit into a very special one.

How do think makeup affects your work’s outlook? And do you use a professional makeup artist in your photoshoots?

I think makeup affects my work in the way that it portrays the theme of each collection and brings out its mood. Yes, I’ve used professional makeup artists. Sometimes, I also use the help of my very talented friends.

What do you think is the shape most trending in your designs? Ex: stars, arrows, etc. What is the most trending Arabian wording?

The most trending shapes are definitely the triangles and arrows. The most trending Arabian wording is سعادة.

What obstacles did you face throughout the whole project?

I feel any business has to face its own obstacles; nothing ever goes perfectly. In my case, it’s time-management and finding the right balance between my studies and my work.

Who/What inspires you the most in your designs?

I usually get inspired by geometrical shapes, shapes that we see every day but don’t really pay attention to like a doorknob or even a ruler.

Which product you felt was a hit?

The Khadija Earring is really a hit, a silver and gold-plated pair with حب و سعادة carved on them.

Where do see your brand going?

We don’t really have a set plan, but we strive for our brand to reach the epitome of high quality and luxury while still maintaining its artistic and authentic features.

What’s your next step?

We are currently working on our website to make it easier for customers to purchase our designs, not only domestically but also internationally.

And we will be kept eagerly waiting.