7 Surprising Celebrities Who Look Exactly Alike

Hey, do you know that moment when you’re like “wow, just how do these two people manage to look so alike”? Yeah, it happens a lot more than you’d think and it’s not just limited to people from the same country either.

See, apparently lookalikes transcend nations and all limitations. Just check out these Egyptian celebrities and their international celeb lookalikes and you’ll see what we mean. Good luck trying to un-see it, though!

Enas Mekky and Maggie Wheeler

AKA Heidi from El-7asa El-Sab3a and Janice from Friends. Please, take two looks and tell us you’re not seeing what we’re seeing. Those two women are exactly alike, in both vibes and looks — it’s unsettling.

Aly El-Haggar and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

So the names alone kind of make this an inevitable pun but did you really expect that, out of all international celebrities, Aly El-Haggar looks like The Rock?

And okay, we know this isn’t really the time, but take a minute to re-imagine all the Fast and Furious movies really quickly. It’ll make your day.

Fairuz and Luka Modriฤ‡

The football memes were onto something with this one, so let’s give them that. They share the same face, guys. It’s the exact same and it’s kind of disconcerting.

Dina and Cillian Murphy

we’d also like to take a moment and specify that Tommy Shelby, the character, and Cillian Murphy, the actor, are two distinct people

Before you say anything, we’re aware we’ve just given you a shocker because we dragged Tommy Shelby (and Scarecrow, but we try to forget that) into this. But, come on!

You see the face, don’t you? It’s completely bizarre, we know, but lookalikes don’t come with a manual.

Mohamed Attia and Julia Roberts

Before his Gym Bro phase started, Mohamed Attia looked kinda different. And we did not care because we were going overboard to vote for him on Star Academy.

Now that we have the spare time, though…well, we kinda noticed that he and Julia Roberts (yes, the Julia Roberts) share a lot of facial features. No, seriously, cover the hair and they’re basically identical.

Youssef Wahbi and Nicholas Cage

Yeah. This isn’t the kind of comparison we wanted to make because Youssef Wahbi is a legend and Nicholas Cage is…Nicholas Cage, but if we’re being real, this is the most obvious case of “oh my God, that’s the same person” on this list.

Mona Abdelghany and Ricardo Kakรก

Be honest, be completely honest. You did not expect to see Kakรก or Mona Abdelghany on this list. We know that because, well, we didn’t either and yet here we all are!

Sure, the resemblance isn’t the strongest because it’s super clear once you let go of your “no, that’s not a thing” ideas.

So, who was the biggest shock of the list?