Let us face it, Zamalek cannot handle another Sushi restaurant, between, Mori, Makani, Gui and Mirai, the busy island is completely saturated. Tsunami is a small sushi place that miraculously found its way to 26th of July Street, opposite to Abu el-Seid.

The small eatery has a weird air to it; the decoration is weird and feel rushed; a big poster of skyscrapers cover one wall while another featuring an Asian monument cover the other!ย 

The food is ok; I like their seafood soup but it definitely needs more seafood in itโ€ฆthe one shrimp I found, did not really do it for me.

ย The rolls were fine, the spider rolls was definitely my favorite but the crispy one wasnโ€™t that crispy. I opted for a sashimi salad which was delicious.

I would say Tsunami’s chances of survival are slim but the place delivers which is definitely a plus.ย