In our humble definition for fling, it is enjoying all the privileges of being in a relationship without actually being in one. During the summer, sometimes, this special someone appears and you enjoy all types of lovey-dovey things without actually being in a relationship. Although being in a relationship is something we all enjoy, flings have a different vibe that can turn around the whole vacation for us. Now, we don’t know whether it’s the summer sun and the beach effect, but flings are something we never forget. What if you want to turn it into a real thing? Here’s how.


Integrate them in your life

After meeting your fling, make it a point to show them you’re serious about them. It seems like a risk, agreed. However, taking it is worth the shot, you’ve got nothing to lose. Remember that your fling is neither a person you need to depend on completely, nor are they someone you’re 100% settled on. Introduce them to more of your friends – if you haven’t already -, talk about some of your problems, and get them involved in your work or your studies. Help them understand that – although they don’t right now – but there is a huge possibility that they represent significance in your life.  Make your fling feel welcomed in your life.



Communication, as we all know, is a major aspect in relationships. As a result, try to channel in actual conversations and talks about emotions with your fling. Try to eliminate small talk, weather talk and beach talk. Have full on real conversations with them. Talk about interests, dreams, goals and futures. And of course, it wouldn’t hurt to flirt a little.


Make Plans

Although your summer together has been and will continue to be fun and perfect, make plans for after the summer. Plans that you intend to carry on and implement. Plan on going places together, seeing movies or maybe travelling. Be sure to make them feel like you see a future in wherever your relationship is heading and that you plan to keep them a part of your life. Include them in your short-term plans; make plans to see them when summer is over. Make plans to just hang out somewhere, see a concert or attend an art exhibition etc.


Show them You’re Partner Material

Without making it obvious that you’re all over your fling, clarify the fact that you’re worth their time. Being careful when showing them that you’re the one they deserve, and they’re the one you deserve. Show your fling that you’re there for them, and here to stay. Show them that you’re up for being in a serious relationship by showing honesty, giving your opinion, sharing your intelligence, respecting yourself and them, and most of all, not painting a picture of you that doesn’t exist. Prove yourself to your fling by showing them the qualities that make you who you are. Indirectly tell them, I am the most qualified one here.

Show Commitment

Try to show them that you are somewhat committed. Make it clear that at the moment, they’re the only person you’re optimistic about. Mention a few times that they are the only ones you’re talking to, the only ones you want to see right now, the ones you came all this way for. Don’t overdo it though, in order not to freak them out. Simply lay out all the facts about the effort you’re making to be around them; flirt a little and centre a lot of your attention on them. They will be doing the same, if it truly is a mutual fling.


Do More Things Together 

In hopes to keep your fling around, try to invest extra effort in doing activities together. Don’t ghost your group of friends of course. But try to have some private time with only the two of you. Maybe take a few walks on the beach, go for lunch alone, or spend a night out just the two of you to get to know each other more. In the process, introduce each other to your favourite activities, and do them together. Watch your favourite movies or listen to your favourite music together.


Don’t Panic

Panic only breeds more panic. Your panicking will only cause them to panic when it comes to the little things you do together. If your fling gets even the slightest idea that you’re panicking, they will panic as well, and the whole night will just blow over.  Don’t spend too much time panicking over where you’re going, what they’re saying, doing or wearing. In other words, try not to try too hard. Meaning, don’t get out of your way to do something you wouldn’t normally do. On the contrary, be honest by showing them the raw, true being that is you. Keep your cool, and freak out after it’s over.


When you get your summer fling, don’t fret! Turning your summer fling into an actual thing can happen in just a few basic steps that will guarantee a well bound relationship for the both of you. Keeping your cool, proving yourself, spending time together, and integration are just the way to do it. Breaking the surface of the superficial, summer-affected relationship is basically the way to the newfound relationship you want with this extraordinary person. Who knows, maybe this fling will be the ultimate thing.